Government of Haryana
Board Working

The Board arranges land from Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) in various urban estates and from other Government agencies in urban/rural areas. After arranging land, the architectural drawings of different categories of houses including layout plan of housing colony are prepared. Thereafter, sale prices of the houses is worked and applications are invited through press advertisement from the prospective buyers of the houses. Construction of different categories of houses is taken up. List of successful applicants/waiting list is prepared by draw of lots keeping in view the number of houses under construction. The registration money is refunded to the unsuccessful applicants after keeping waiting list to the extent of 25% of the number of houses.

Once the houses are ready for allotment, the allotment price is intimated to beneficiaries. Simultaneously, draw of lot is held for allotment of specific house to the successful applicant. Thereafter, the possession of houses is handed over to the successful applicants and the balance cost of houses is recovered in monthly installments from the allottees.