Government of Haryana



A housing colony acts as an agent of change more particularly in a sociological sense. Unlike old towns and villages, the clusters of houses are no more on caste basis. Rather, different categories of houses are designed on the basis of income levels irrespective of their caste and creed. As such, a housing colony is in a way, a small realization of the dream of free India of assimilation of population with a view to bring a sense of belonging to the persons of different castes.

The housing colonies constructed by the board generally have a few hundred houses of different categories and properly planned with provision of metalled roads, street lighting, water and sewerage services, storm water drains, open spaces, parks, shopping booths and provision for school etc. Such a colony improves the outlook of an average Haryana town which has normally experienced an unplanned growth and has been lacking in public amenities. This way, a housing colony works as an agent of change as regards the habits and life styles of people.