Government of Haryana


The hirers are allowed friendly/family transfer of the houses allotted under hire purchase scheme subject to the following terms and conditions:-

  1. The transfer is allowed after six months from the date of allotment provided Application for transfer complete in all respect is received at least six months before the expiry of Hire Purchase period. (Period is five years in case of houses constructed under Mahatma Gandhi Awas Yojna (M.G.A.Y.) and houses allotted to the Housing Board Haryana employees)
  2. No transfer is permissible once full payment of the house is made.
  3. The transfer of tenancy rights is not restricted to the blood relations and the same can be transferred to any other person also.
  4. The transfer is allowed more than once.
  5. No transfer is permissible until and unless all the arrears due on the date of submission of application for transfer is cleared.
  6. No eligibility condition has been prescribed for the transferee except that the transferee shall be major i.e. completed 18 years of age at the time of transfer.
  7. No transfer is permissible in case of any litigation.
  8. No transfer in permissible in case of encroachment on public land or use of house other than for residential purposes.

Prescribed transfer fee is as under :-


Transfer fee
One room house
6% of the cost
Two room house
6% of the cost
Three room house
6% of the cost
Four or more rooms house
6% of the cost


A. The hirer who fulfils all the above noted conditions is required to submit the documents in the prescribed proformas as under in the office of the concerned Estate Manager of the colony:-

  1. Application in Form No. T-I (Size: 373 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
  2. Affidavit on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/- duly attested by the Magistrate1st Class in