Government of Haryana


Houses are generally allotted on hire purchase basis. In case of Economical Weaker Section, 25% of the cost is recovered before handing over possession of the houses and in other categories i.e. Lower Income Group, Middle Income Group & Higher Income Group, 30% cost is recovered before possession and remaining in monthly installments over a period of 13 years. Recovery is made through the Estate Managers who have been declared as Competent Authority under Chapter VI of the Haryana Housing Board Act, 1971 to take action against the defaulters. At present, there are 12 Estate Managers in the State. Click Here to see the head-quarters of each Estate Manager and the No. of colonies under control.

  1. The first installment is payable in the following month in which allotment letter is issued.
  2. Installments are deposited by the allottees directly in the Banks authorized by the Board.
  3. No cash is accepted in the Offices of the Estate Manager.
  4. Installments are payable by 10th of each month.
  5. In case installment is not paid by 10th , a show cause notice is issued by the Estate Manager for imposition of penalty.
  6. For non payment of installment within the show cause period, penalty upto 25% of the amount due can be imposed.
  7. Presently penalty at the rate of 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% is imposed for the default of one, two, three and four months respectively.
  8. When the allottee is defaulter for more than two months then eviction proceedings are also initiated.
  9. After the issuance of eviction orders, possession of the house is taken back in due course of law with the assistance of police, if required.
  10. Cases are also referred to the Collector for recovery of arrears as arrears of land revenue.
  11. The appeal against the order of imposition of penalty/eviction lies with the Deputy Commissioner of the District Concerned within 30 days from the date of order U/S 54 of the Haryana Housing Board Act,1971. In case appeal of the allottee is accepted by the Deputy Commissioner, an additional restoration fee@10% of the total outstanding amount including penalty and interest amount, as on date of restoration is realized in full, before restoring the premise to the defaulting allottee.
  12. In case where possession of the house is taken back from the allottee, the amount is refunded as per clause 2( r ) of the Hire Purchase Tenancy Agreement after forfeiting the total No. of installments due, from the date of allotment to the date of taking possession back of the house, penalty imposed and other wears and tears in the house etc. are also deducted from the amount refundable.
  13. After the receipt of all installments and other dues, if any, no due certificate is issued.
  14. After the issuance of no due certificate, the allottees are required to get the conveyance deed executed in their favour at their own expenses.
  15. The individual accounts of the allottees are maintained in the office of the respective Estate Managers and they should contact in the office of the Estate Manager to reconcile their accounts and to point out discrepancy, if any.
  16. Enhanced Land Compensation (ELC) and enhanced final cost demanded, if any, by the Estate Manager should be deposited within the stipulated period otherwise it attracts penalty as well as interest for the delayed period.
  17. Allottee can obtain annual account statement for the installments deposited by them from the office of the Estate Manager in the month of April every year.